Failures in Magnetic Engine Technology brings Success

Failures in Magnetic Engine Technology brings Success.

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Failures in Magnetic Engine Technology brings Success


This article addresses the issues and problems that have been encountered by other inventors and why their magnetic engines do not work, and if they have been able to get something to rotate, the amount of energy produced is not usable.

There are 3 basic problems that have plagued the progress of Magnetic Engine Technology. I speak in terms of the mechanics of this issue, and not the indifference that this advanced technology has brought forth by big business.

Those who have in the past, been able to shelve, kill or put down these needed technologies to maintain their control, power and wealth, will soon have to crumble in the light of necessity and survival. They will soon realize sooner or later, that the human will is bent on progress and creativity and no amount of war and money will change this fact!!!


1. A means to get the machine to start.

2. Once started, how to keep it running without weakening of the magnets, cogging etc

3. The production of usable torque/energy

So far No One has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this can be done, not withstanding it is possible and there have been those who have done this in private.

In the light of all the failures comes the perception of light, understanding and knowledge.

My team and I know we have solved the problems mentioned above. we simply need the funds to make this happen.

I will now briefly describe how we have done this.

1. We have designed and engineered The Orion I Prototype in such a way, that the configuration will allow immediate rotation of the rotors as soon as they come within 1 inch of the stator housing, thus no need for batteries, electrical impulses and the such.

2. Since the laws of physics require input energy to maintain a constant flow, we use a specially designed capacitor that actually accumulates energy from the atmosphere and in turn, distributes a constant flow of energy to the magnets, thus keeping them charged. In turn, the magnets boost the acceleration process of the capacitors. The result is a perpetual motion situation.

3. We have come to the conclusion by experiment, that in order to get magnets to produce usable energy, you have to split the dipole of the magnet. we realized that in order to accomplish this we must find ways to channel the magnetic fields of one side of a magnet, to the other side, thus utilizing both North and South poles. A good example to illustrate the point would be, let say, you had 2 powerful locomotives, both pulling each other in opposite directions, tied together by a chain. of course you would get no where, however if you were able to cut the chain and loop one of the locomotives around to head in the same direction of the other, then you would not only have twice the power, but usable, unleashed power.

We have accomplished this, by simply using the right material to break or split the magnetic dipole. Considering that magnets on the atomic level do produce, what I call, a nano heat/friction, from the magnetic streams running against each other. The material we use acts as a heat sink. The material we use accomplishes several tasks at one time. Redirection of magnetic energy into usable channels. A heat sink so atomic magnetic atoms do not get destroyed from over frictioning, due to loads more than half of the rated tolerance of the atomic magnet(s). If you exceed more than half the power of a rated magnet, it will immediately begin to weaken. It also eliminates, in a natural process the backfeeding of stray fields. The material we use also helps in releasing atomic gravitational pull, that in many cases causes a dragging or cogging effect on any centrifugal or rotational elements, i.e. rotors or anything that has potential spin.

I have tried in a very basic way to give you an understanding of how magnetic energy will work.

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Magnetic Engine Technology

I am an inventor who has engineered and designed a magnetic engine that can be used to propel any vessel by land, sea or air. This machine will also become a part of every home in the world.  I am seeking funding to complete the Prototype. Please view my webpage for more details at:


This is a picture of The Orion I Prototype

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